intake-solr provides quick and easy access to tabular data stored in Apache SOLR

This plugin reads SOLR query results without random access: there is only ever a single partition.


To use this plugin for intake, install with the following command:

conda install -c intake intake-solr



After installation, the function intake.open_solr will become available. It can be used to execute queries on the SOLR server, and download the results as a list of dictionaries.

Three parameters are of interest when defining a data source:

  • query: the query to execute, which can be defined either using Lucene or `JSON`_ syntax, both of which are to be provided as a string.

Creating Catalog Entries

To include in a catalog, the plugin must be listed in the plugins of the catalog:

    - module: intake_solr

and entries must specify driver: solr.

Using a Catalog